// 13 Apr 2018

Shift Happens!

I worked at a multi-state restaurant chain routinely responding to workplace incidents to provide employee relations guidance. A food court location manager called in to report the firing of a hostile employee.  The fired employee had threatened to whip everyone’s motherfucking ass after work. She was especially directing this to two other females who she felt caused her separation. We discussed this situation and recommended the manager have mall security escort the two employees to their car after work as a precaution.

After the call, I quickly recapped our conversation in an email to the manager, cc-ing an employee relations co-worker. The coworker called me minutes later barely able to speak due to her uncontrollable laughter. I asked the coworker what was so funny and she asked me if I had read my email. Indignantly, I said “of course!” Then she told me to read the email again. That’s when I realized I forgot to type the letter “f” in the word shift. So, that email message from Human Resources started with…

“After your shit, go see security.”