// 27 Apr 2018

Sexy Techno?

Long story…short. Got a call, which led to an investigation, which led to a job-protected leave, which finally led to a termination!

First month on the job and got a call: a married restaurant manager had taken a hostess out to his car to listen to a CD of the manager and his wife having sex overlayed with techno music. And no, this was not 1994!

One thing leads to another (on a different day I believe) and the hostess ends up pregnant with the manager’s baby.

The investigation ensues, the manager says he doesn’t want his wife to find out and gets a note from his doctor saying he can’t work due to stress (shocker). After 12 longs weeks he is finally terminated.

Don’t have any idea what happened to the hostess or the baby – who would be 14 now. 🙂