Lied & Gone to HR Heaven

From A fired sheriff’s office employee, who reportedly died in 1999, was actually using another woman’s identity to earn a six-figure salary before she was caught. A jury deliberated for 15 minutes before finding 41yo Cindy T. White guilty of charges of identity theft over $1,000 Wednesday. Prosecutors say White had listed on her resume that she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a master’s degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Investigators say White was hired as a human resources manager at a Diversified Foods & Seasonings’ Covington office with a $95,000 salary in Sept. 2015. She was promoted five months later to senior human resources director with a $105,000 salary. “This person stole the victim’s hard work and used it to get a six-figure salary and benefits to boot,” DA Casey Dieck said. Company officials became suspicious after she had trouble performing duties and delegating tasks given to her, prosecutors say. Authorities later discovered that White had copied her resume from a LinkedIn account of someone with a similar name. White faces up to 10 years in prison when she is sentenced on April 24.