Why We Started HR Humor

Have you sat around telling your most outrageous, real life, people-at-work stories? Then thought, we should write a book about this stuff! HRHumor.com is your community to share, like and dislike the best funny, sad, memorable, or outlandish moments involving people at work. HRhumor.com was founded in April 2018 by a Human Resources professional with stories to share and a curiosity about your stories.

Some Do’s & Dont’s

Our goal is to create a community that shares real life situations without revealing the identify of actual people or companies. We reserve the right to moderate posts. If we decide to modify or delete your post, it’s not because it isn’t funny (we’ll leave that to site visitors to decide). Please don’t be a terrible human being. Don’t be viciously personal, excessively profane, violent, or excessively graphic. You can always read our boring, yet important, terms of service if you want to fall asleep at your keyboard.

Our Mascot, Cliche’

You’ll see our mascot, Cliche the Cat, in our logo, lurking around our site, and maybe even answering our emails.  Don’t take us or Cliche’ too seriously.  This is a humor website.  Feel free to share a few of your favorite cat memes with Cliche’ through our site if you get really bored.

Open Door Policy

We think open door policies are the worst time waster in the history of the world.  If you really need to reach us, don’t hesitate to do so by using the Contact page.