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// 13 Apr 2018

Shift Happens!

I worked at a multi-state restaurant chain routinely responding to workplace incidents to provide employee relations guidance. A food court location manager called in to report the firing of a hostile employee.  The fired employee had threatened to whip everyone’s motherfucking ass after work. She was especially directing this to two other females who she felt caused her separation. We discussed this situation and recommended the manager have mall security escort the two employees to their car a… Read More

// 27 Apr 2018

Umm…that wasn’t for me was it?

That moment when an HR leader emails a dick pic to his HR entire team. He claims it was for his wife. Word on the street is that it was meant for a specific female on the team. He forgot to DELETE EVERYONE ELSE’S NAME.  Suddenly he had plenty of free time to spend with his wife. Have always wondered if she knew why!?… Read More

Urine Trouble

In my 15 years of interviewing and hiring, I thought I had seen and heard it all, until one day. I get a call from the drug-testing agency we used for pre-employment drug screening. I think it was even a first for them. Apparently, the candidate-for-hire brought in a urine specimen that wasn’t his own. He tried warming the specimen with his lighter so it would be at normal body temperature (since the agency tests that, as well). The problem was it was a plastic cup he tried warming, so it melted… Read More

// 03 Jul 2018


Not a manager but for my last job I read over the resumes and made piles of no’s and maybes’. Anyway one of the people put “practicing Christian” in their “other skills” section. One put “really good at yu-gi-oh cards”. Another put the word resume on the center top of their resume… Read More

The Un-Lunch Lady

There was this lady at my first job out of college who would sneak away into the lunch room, which was in the basement of the building and steal lunches. She’d go through all of them taking bites or eating it all. If she took a bite of something she didn’t like, she’d throw it in the garbage. Staff would come downstairs to find their lunches devoured or in the trash with one bite taken out of it. This all came to a head one day when some guy was up in arms after his meatloaf sandwich fell victim… Read More

Get a Life!

I work at a gas station that sells “made to order” food. Most people who call out of work will give some type of legitimate excuse as to why they can’t come in, they are sick, etc. One Friday night a 3rd shifter called to say he wasn’t coming in that night. His reason? “I have a life” and hung up… Read More

// 05 Jun 2018

The job ad every retailer wishes they could post! [ Image Inside ]

The job ad every retailer wishes they could post!… Read More

// 24 Apr 2018

Wigging Out

I received a call from a General Manager because a young man working for him would not remove his wig because it’s sexist and racist. “Ok… let’s change our approach,” I thought. So we created a policy stating that wigs must be restrained in the same manner as natural hair.

Two weeks later, I get a phone call from an upset guest stating that a “very unattractive lady” told her “she” was too pregnant for this $h*t! Needless to say, we have parted ways.

Thank goodness we don’t need to … Read More


Excerpt of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir:

“Today a woman came in to reapply for a job. She wrote that she’d quit last month but now wanted her job back. On “reason for leaving” she wrote: “That job sucked. Plus, my supervisor was a douche-nugget.” She was reapplying for the exact same job. I rehired her and reassigned her to her old supervisor, because I totally agreed with her. That guy was totally a douche-nugget.”… Read More

// 12 Apr 2018

Momma Bear

A few moments after saying goodbye to a potential candidate, a woman entered the store and asked for the owners. She then identified herself as the candidate’s mother and told me she was there without her child knowing. She then aggressively told me why I should hire her child to work for our store. As strong as that candidate might have been, all I could think about was if I hired them I would have to deal with the mom, as well. As I recall, the candidate was 21 years old! We chose a different … Read More